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To Judge the difference between Right and Worng

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GIVE is the Global Institute of Vedic Education, founded by Dr. Tanmay Goswami who belongs to the ancient tradition of spiritual healing. With a MD in Ayurveda, Dr. Goswami has applied the combined approaches of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology. He says “The modern age has given all comforts to human beings externally where as Vedic Sciences teaches how to live comfortable from inside. So the combination of modern comforts with essence of Vedic advices can really make our life successful.”

The one year study program is aimed to give knowledge to improve quality of life by ancient wisdom of vedas. “Global Org of Social Vedic Art in Lives” is based on aim to collect the best of vedic knowldege and all fields related to it and present it in one dish.

With keeping above said aim in mind, Gosval Vedic Education Institute is launching five courses, on Ayurveda, Astrology, Vedic Psychology, Vastu & Meditation. The person who will study these courses can act as an advisor, healer to self as well as to society.

About Us

Today world is running towards destruction by violence, improper sex, stressful lifestyle, depression and people are living life with ill physical health and anxiety at mental platform. After certain time, it will be so difficult to bring our self back from these problems.


When a Person is drowning in the water, We shall give him boat of knowledge…

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How are we Admired

GIVE has given me power, health and Wisdom.

  • Power to differentiate between right and wrong.
  • Knowledge of leading life with good health.
  • Wisdom to choose the right path.


Teaching is very impressive.

Those faculties who teach have great affection towards the subject and  are highly knowledgeable and they are efficient to pass on the knowledge to us with same intensity and depth.

Search for true knowledge end here. Light of true knowledge glows here.

Knowledge we gain here are very rare, interesting and effective. Though not easy to implement in life, but, very effective when implemented.

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Acharya ENT Building, Near Raymonds,

Kunjibettu, Udupi – 576102

Karnataka, India.

Mail ID:

Phone: (0820) 4293980

Learn Classic Ayurveda

AYUSH Nursing & Panchakarma Therapist Course

In this Course - You learn the journey from Trainee to Professional.

  • - 2000 Rs per month.
  • - 6 Months Course.
  • - 3 months training.
  • - 3 months internship with styfund.
  • - Job Guaranteed on successful completion of course.